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NC 621 Cannon pod for helicopters and light aircrafts


The NC 621 cannon pod extends the range of missions (attack, close fire support, protection, self-defence) of the helicopters and lightest aircrafts. It provides airplanes with 20mm firepower previously restricted to 0.50 weapons. The NC 621 has been developed around the 20 M 621 cannon which is well known for its high accuracy, for simplicity (operation and maintenance) and which fires the 20mm x 102 NATO standard ammunition. The effectiveness and reliability of the NC 621 has been widely proven on various platforms.


- Gaz operated,
- Average firing rate: 750 rounds per minute,
- Ammunition stowage capacity: 180 or 250 ammunition
- Effective range: up to 2,000m  

Qualification (achieved or in progress):
- Eurocopter : Gazelle, Fennec, EC635, Panther, Puma, Cougar, NH90
- Sikorky : H76 Eagle, UH-60 Black Hawk
- Agusta Westland : A109, Super Lynx
- Bell : 406 CS Kiowa/Jetranger
- Pilatus : PC7, PC9
- Bae Systems : Strikemaster
- Aermacchi : M-311
- Vodochody : L159

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