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Revenue: €742M

Operating profit (EBIT) over 10% for the seventh year

Orders: €2.8B, representing over 3 years’ worth of business


Versailles, February 28, 2013 – Nexter Systems’ board of directors met in Versailles, France on February 27, 2013 to close the consolidated financial statements for the Nexter Group’s 2012 financial year.

Despite the uncertain economic climate, which, in Europe, is also characterized by restricted national budget policies, the Group met its objectives for 2012 in terms of orders, income and profitability.

The Nexter Group's signed orders total €862M, with exports accounting for 75% of this sum. This reflects the Group’s ability to place products and services from a renewed range of weapons systems and munitions on several export markets. This year, three major orders added nearly €535M to the order book. By including conditional work packages from commercial contractual commitments in progress, the Nexter Group’s order book totals €2.8B, the equivalent of three years’ worth of business.

The Group’s consolidated revenue totals €742M, which is in line with the objectives the Group set for the 2012 financial year. Again this year, the Group's business is marked by the fulfillment of contractual commitments, as testified by maintaining a very strong DGA quality ranking.

For the seventh consecutive year, the Nexter Group has posted a consolidated operating margin that is 10% higher than the Group’s revenue, evidence of a robust economic model. This performance attests to the Group’s ability to manage contractual commitments.

The Nexter Group’s consolidated net profit totals €93M. This figure takes into account the high share of spending earmarked for research and development for the range of products and services (nearly 18% of consolidated revenue), approximately half of which is self-financed.


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Nexter presents a CAESAR® with the Indonesian Army's livery at the INDODEFENCE exhibition
From the 7th to the 10th of November Nexter is present on the French INDODEFENCE exhibition. A CAESAR® is exhibited on the external static of the Indonesian MoD among other land defence systems of the host country.
Nexter Systems has a long history as a partner of the Indonesian Armed Forces, and is particularly proud to have participated in modernisation of TNI (Tentara Nasional Indonesia) in preparation for the upcoming commissioning of two artillery regiments based on the CAESAR® system, with local cooperation.
The CAESAR® system is now in service in three countries. It is used by the French army in Afghanistan to provide fire support, and it has demonstrated its operational capabilities and is now Combat Proven. France has used it within the United Nations in Lebanon, and it is also in service in a Middle East country and forms part of the Royal Thai Army's artillery.
This new success in Indonesia demonstrates that the performances of CAESAR® satisfy the most demanding requirements from the field in the South-East Asian region.


SAM_1018It is during the traditional July 14th celebration that the French Army, National Navy and Air Force will march down the Champs Elysées. Nearly 450 vehicles will drive down the most famous avenue in the world between the Place de l'Etoile and Place de la Concorde. As the incumbent supporter of the country’s defense system, Nexter Systems will be particularly present with its entire range in service in the French armed forces.

Tens of thousands of spectators will thus see the Leclerc and AMX 10-RC tanks parade respectively with the 1st and 4th rifle regiments, the VBCI with the 92nd Infantry Regiment and the "ARAVIS" VBHP with the 13th Regiment of Engineers. In artillery, the CAESAR 155 mm gun will be central piece of the 93rd Artillery Mountain Regiment.


A supplier of high-performing systems for the French army, Nexter Group also provides services through its operational readiness programs for its vehicles like the Leclerc, ARAVIS or VBCI. For the first time since the 14th of July parade was instilled, the French Army decided to trust an industrial player to ensure the maintenance of the Leclerc fleet present during this event.






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Nexter presents a CAESAR® with the Indonesian Army's livery at the INDODEFENCE exhibition

Nexter presents a CAESAR® with the Indonesian Army's livery at the INDODEFENCE exhibition    From the 7...